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Per 60 Minute Session: $100

Per 90 Minute Session: $140







Massage Services

Prenatal • Postnatal • Nonpregnant Clients
Post-Cesarean or Post-Op


Massage Clients

Bamboo Healing Arts welcomes all women for massage therapy services. Your session is customized to fit your needs using a combination of therapeutic massage styles. Fathers, husbands, partners and boyfriends are welcome by direct referral only, by a past or current client.

Prenatal Clients

Pregnancy massage is preformed on a standard massage table with the mother in a side-lying position, surrounded by soft pillows. There is no table with a “hole” in it and you will not be situated face-down. Massage is always available at any time during the prenatal period. However, because of hormonal changes and physical discomfort during the first trimester, some women like to start massage during the 4th month and be seen more frequently as they get closer to the due date—to prepare themselves for labor & delivery. As always, ask your doctor or midwife if massage therapy is right for you. If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, please bring in a written physician’s release before your appointment.

Postnatal Clients

Postpartum massage is available as soon as the mother feels ready. Post-natally, come in to receive restorative massages that will concentrate on the muscles most used during labor and delivery to ease you into motherhood, with the rest and rejuvenation your body needs. If you are planning on bringing your newborn, you must let us know and schedule a 90 minute session to allow time for stopping to care for your baby. However, we recommend the much deeper healing you will receive having the time all to yourself.

Post-Cesarean or Post-Op Clients

Post-Cesarean clients are accommodated with pillows and adjustments to keep you comfortable during gentle massage. Likewise, most Post-Operation patients can receive massage. All MUST get a Doctor's OK before their appointment.

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