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“BodyTalk is simple, gentle, non-invasive with no side goes directly to the cause of the problem, rather than treating a symptom”


~Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D.,

Biophysicist and author

of “Energy Medicine:
The Scientific Basis”


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“When the body talks to itself, it can heal itself.
Healing really can be that simple.”

~ Dr. Ka’imi Pilipovich, DAC, LMT, Sr. CBI


BodyTalk is a combination of many different modalities and disciplines put together in one dynamic, simple, safe & effective system that truly treats the individual holistically—body, mind & spirit. After all, can we really separate these aspects of a whole person?

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. When all parts and systems of the body and mind communicate clearly, healing takes place. When we experience things like stress and trauma, breakdowns in communication take place. The result is discomfort and disease.

One example of how the systems of the body work under distress and illness is a football team in which all the members receive a different playbook. When the quarterback calls out the plays, the other team players go in unexpected directions. They want to achieve the same goal, a touchdown (radiant health), but are not working together to get there. BodyTalk helps everyone on your “team” (organs, endocrines, muscles, energy systems, etc.) get the same plays and therefore communicate at an optimum level.

Through the combination of various aspects of western medicine, eastern medicine & energy medicine, the Certified BodyTalk Practitioner tunes in to the individual’s unique needs using a form of Applied Kinesiology or muscular biofeedback. We start with asking the body for the priority, or what areas need to be addressed, because your body knows what it needs to be well and in what order to address it. Next, we synchronize the areas highlighted by the body of the individual. We then use gentle tapping to alert the body to any imbalance and to store this information and integrate it into the body, mind and spirit.

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